Mélanie Matranga

Paris, 2017

The Meaning of Emptiness

In some cases, white denotes “emptiness“. White as a noncolor
transforms into a symbol on nonbeing. Yet emptiness does not mean
“nothingness“ or “energy-less“; rather, in many cases it
indicates a condition, or kizen, which will likely be filled with
content in the future. On the basis of this assumption, the application
of white is able to create a forceful energy for communication.

A creative mind, in short, does not see an empty bowl as valueless,
but perceives it as an existing in a transitional state, waiting for
the content that will eventually fill it; and this creative perspective instills
power in the emptiness. The deep relationship between kuhaku,
or “emptiness“, and the color white is establishing through this communicative

Hara, Kenya, White. Baden: Lars Müller Publisher, 2010.